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Lewis Lau WTLEWIS at cityu.edu.hk
Thu May 16 10:59:58 CEST 2002

 >Not really, you just try to do all the things it wasn't designed for and
 >then complain that there isn't a front end of it.
 >You make my point. IT WASNT DESIGNED to be used but in a single manner. I 
know I am not the only one who has made request like these.
 >I have gotten a lot of private responses asking that if I get a way to 
fix the problems to let them know as well.
 >Also it is NOT complaining to ask for help or request knowledge.
 >The fact that the program cannot do what a person asks does not mean that 
the person is complaining.
 >The product really isnt as flexible as it could be. Thats not kicking 
anyone's cat it is simply stating a point of fact.

The most precious thing of open source software is that if you don't 
satisfied with the programme, you can customize the code yourself to meet 
you own needs, and then share you patches with other users over the world. 
The full source code is right on your hand!
That's why Linux grow up so fast, and that's why tons of open source 
softwares being developed so well. Try to find out the solutions yourself, 
don't just sitting over there and keep complaining! Basically, open source 
software was not designed for idiots.
If you are looking for something else that ready for use just by a few 
mouse clicks, get back to Microsoft! =P


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