[Mailman-Users] Gui works fine but absolutly no mail - at all

Utopia Research Dept research at utopiacom.net
Fri May 17 14:13:43 CEST 2002


Desperately trying to get my mailman 2.0.10 working . The Gui works
perfectly !
But cannot get "sendmail 8.10.2-C1." to work with mailman , so consequently
no email. I have checked the /var/log/maillog and ... not a dicky bird !

I have modified the path statement and made a wrapper link and still no joy.
my aliases file has been updated and newaliases 'd , the mail uid has been
set up when compiled.

When I send a message to the test list it gets bounced user unknown and if I
try to subscribe to the list .. nothing

Should I modify vitusertable ?

my first list is "test"

I don't no what else I can do ! Can somebody point me in the right direction

The system is a Sun Cobalt Raq 4i (redhat linux 6.?)

Martin King
Utopia Communications Ltd
Internet Service Providers

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