[Mailman-Users] New user question

Barry A. Warsaw barry at zope.com
Sun May 19 18:32:19 CEST 2002

>>>>> "TM" == Timothy Murphy <tim at maths.tcd.ie> writes:

    TM> I must say the term "mailman-user" seems misleading for most
    TM> of the postings in that list, which are actually concerned
    TM> with development rather than use.  However, I suppose that is
    TM> not an important matter.

mailman-users might be misnamed, but I think it serves a useful
purpose.  It currently seems to be primary geared toward folks who are
having problems or questions in setting up their Mailman sites,
hooking it up to their MTAs and web servers, tuning it for their
particular domains, etc.  That stuff does tend to get a bit technical,
but I also think that that information is off-topic for

mailman-developers is really for folks playing with the current betas,
finding and reporting bugs, and discussion and helping with getting
MM2.1 towards final release.  Eventually we'll turn our attentions to
MM3 (but not yet, please! ;).  If you're hacking on the system,
mailman-developers is the place to be.

For folks who are list administrators without shell access to their
Mailman system, I believe listowners.org is probably the best forum,
although I wouldn't completely ban such topics from mailman-users.  I
must admit that when I created the lists I never thought about folks
who are using Mailman on hosted domains, mostly because all the early
adopters where running it on their own systems!  But I'm really glad
that Mailman's being used in those environments, and it does point the
way toward the future of making these types of managed systems sans
shell access easier to use.

So listowners.org provides a very useful service, and I endorse
Norbert's efforts to get that up and running, and to advertise it.


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