[Mailman-Users] new to mailman; can't find list web page

michael shiloh michael at makingthings.com
Tue Nov 5 20:51:47 CET 2002


i've long admired mailman as a user and finally decided to
add it to my own server. my setup:

redhat 7.3 with most updates
linux 2.4.9-21
python 1.5.2
sendmail 8.11.6
mailman 2.0.13
Apache 1.3.22

i've read the readme, readme.linux, readme.apache and the
faq. i've tried the troubleshooting, and i've looked at my 
syslog files, but i can't figure this out:

i user "newlist" to create my test list, and i get this

  The mailing list `test' has just been created for you.  The following
  is some basic information about your mailing list.

  You can configure your mailing list at the following web page:


however, i don't see this page anywhere. i do see a
new directory /home/mailman/lists/test, but not this
admin/test. i'm guessing i'm missing some web server
configuration, but i'm not sure what.

any suggestions?


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