[Mailman-Users] Problems trying to make mailman work

Mariano Liceaga mliceaga7 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 2 15:47:31 CEST 2002

I downloaded the last version from the list.org site,
installed it with no problem, configured the cron job
and created a test list. The notification to the owner
of the list was correctly sent. 

The problem is when I try to suscribe or ask for help
to the list (sending a mail to test-request at myhost
with the subjects 'subscribe' or 'help') never receive
a confirmation message or any answer at all. The
mailman queue directory is empty, so I guess that
mailman is not receiving the mails.

Mailman is configured in  SMTPDirect mode (the default
mode).The host in which is running has a web server,
firewall and a basic sendmail config where everything
that comes from the inner network is relayed to our
ISP smtp server.
Can somebody explain me how the SMTPDirect mode works?
It´s only for the outgoing mail? What can be my
problem?? Please give me stuff to try, I've spended
more than 2 days and still nothing, even worse, no
more ideas. 
Somebody help me please!! 

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