[Mailman-Users] UID/GID mismatch error....

Andrew D. Clark andrew.clark at ucsb.edu
Sat Oct 12 00:55:04 CEST 2002

A better/easier fix might be to run httpd as the same user that you were 
running it as under 1.3.24.  Sounds like you were running it as GID 1 
(daemon) before  and are now running it as gid 60001.

Andrew Clark
Campus Network Programmer
Office of Information Technology
University of California, Santa Barbara
andrew.clark at ucsb.edu (805) 893-5311

--On Friday, October 11, 2002 15:23:18 -0700 jared sanders 
<jared at synapseglobal.com> wrote:

> We re-installed apache-1.3.27 (prevoiusly 1.3.24) on our server, while we
> left mailman untouched.  Now when we try to use mailman we get the
> following: Mailman CGI error!!!
> The expected gid of the Mailman CGI wrapper did not match the gid as set
> by the Web server. The most likely cause is that Mailman was configured
> and installed incorrectly. Please read the INSTALL instructions again,
> paying close attention to the --with-cgi-gid configure option. This entry
> is being stored in your syslog: Failure to exec script. WANTED gid 1, GOT
> gid 60001.  (Reconfigure to take 60001?)
> we want to fix this problem without upgrading or recompiling mailman, we
> cannot lose our current mailing lists.  Any guidance would be great,
> thanks in advance guys!

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