[Mailman-Users] restart question

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Mon Oct 14 04:19:46 CEST 2002

WhitmoreWebWorks wrote:

> Well, I had done that - but more kept coming.  For the same lists that had
> developed lock files.  Should I be checking those individual lists for
> errors?  Sorry - I just am not sure where I should be looking to fix this
> mess.

    Mailman creates lock files whenever it's accessing the config.db file.  This
happens both through qrunner, as well as any access to the web interface.  The
difference is that the web interface creates short lock files - short in the
sense that they will get deleted as soon as that task is done (whether you're
logging in, or viewing one of the membership pages.)

    Qrunner on the other hand creates a lock file for as long as it needs it -
and it's that length of time that may be a problem.  If it's taking more than
(the default) 5 minutes for qrunner to finish its task, that lock file can
become stale when cron fires off a second qrunner task.

    One thing you could do is this:  temporarily remove the qrunner task from
cron.  Then manually try to run it and see how long it takes.  If it takes a
while to run, you may have to adjust your cron time.

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