[Mailman-Users] Read only list

admin admin at web-standart.net
Thu Oct 17 17:15:51 CEST 2002

Heeelp-my!!! Heeeelllllppppp!!!!!
whole day промудохался, атакничегоиневышло(((почтичто
> > 3.11. How do I create a newsletter (admin-post only) ?  .......  I
> > this understands, but me necessary to know as mailman checks
> > authenticity sending - after all headline of the message much easy
> > fake - in majordomo - a line in tele letter " Approved: password" -
> > but here that?
> Only in v2.1.
can not find in adjustment V2.1 what use password in headline of the message
for automatic approval модератором (((((((((((((

can not protect read-only sheet from forgery of the field "From"
> v2.0 checks either From: or envelope (configurable).  v2.1 checks both
> can use a password header to approve posts thru the moderation
> interface.
can not find in adjustment V2.1
as- did not happen to me most add this function on procmail, (((

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