[Mailman-Users] Still can't locate the place to change a virtual domain name's base URL for MM2.1b3

John Buttery john at io.com
Fri Oct 18 08:36:55 CEST 2002

* John Locke <mail at freelock.com> [2002-10-17 16:20:08 -0700]:
> Hey fuzzy, fix your MTA!
> <Off-Topic Rant>
> Responding via the list, because your MTA is bouncing mail from me...
> because, according to your MTA, my mail's coming from a spam-friendly
> domain...
> I'm relaying my mail through my ISP, AT&T Broadband (attbi.com), and
> you're bouncing all mail from there. Hate to think how many legitimate
> messages you're bouncing... and if you're taking a stand against the
> biggest cable operator for spam, I'm not sure how you can expect anybody
> to help you, when they can't even email you!
> </Off-Topic Rant>

  While you do have a good point -- that it behooves the person asking
the question to avoid putting roadblocks up that prevent the return of
answers -- you're dodging the issue that it's _your_ ISP's MTA that
needs fixing.  If your ISP has an open relay, some day you'll hit this
same sort of blacklist when it's in your interest to get the mail
through, instead of the recipient's.
  I realize the administration of AT&T's SMTP server is outside your
control (well, other than getting a new, non-spam-friendly provider),
but don't tell someone else they're the problem because your ISP is too
lazy or incompetent to fix their network.
  Apologies to you (and the rest of the list) for _this_ flame, and I
assure everyone that this will be my only post on the subject.

 John Buttery
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