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Stephen Balukoff stephenb at uidaho.edu
Fri Oct 18 20:33:29 CEST 2002


Over the past couple of months, and continuing throughout the next couple of
months, the main IT organization in the university I work for is moving our
main mail-handling system from Sendmail to SunONE (iPlanet / Netscape)
Messaging Server 5.2.

After much persuasion, I managed to convince the Powers that Be that this would
be a good opportunity to move off of our decrepit and crufty majordomo mailing
list management system onto something much more sleek and modern (Mailman).
The only stipulation was that I provide some limited backward-compatibility for
majordomo commands to mailman.

After much searching, I was unable to find any detailed instructions for
getting Mailman to work under a SunONE installation, nor was I able to find any
kind of majordomo-emulator for Mailman.

So...  since I've just gone through the pain of making it all work, I thought
I'd share my findings with anyone else who has done the same, is doing the
same, or is considering doing the same.  If you have had experience with this,
please let me know if I'm shooting myself in the foot with anything I'm doing
here.  (We have yet to go production with the new mail system, and it'd be nice
to elliminate any big gotchas before we have 25,000 users on the system...)

Apologies for the perl code:  I don't have time to learn python right now with
our "extremely aggressive" deadline for this project.  Feel free to use the
instructions and scripts I've got posted at the following site however you
wish (although if you do incorporate any of this into a package or
distribution, It'd be nice to receive credit :) :


One note:  I am not currently subscribed to the Mailman-users list, so please
CC: any replies to the e-mail to my address.

Yours simply,


Stephen Balukoff
Unix System Analyst             stephenb at uidaho.edu
Information Technology Services	(208)885-4377
University of Idaho             http://www.uidaho.edu/~stephenb/

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