[Mailman-Users] Re: preferred sendmail replacement?

Will Yardley william+mm at hq.newdream.net
Tue Oct 22 05:55:44 CEST 2002

Jon Parise wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 07:57:45PM -0700, NOW Website Coordinator wrote:
> This has the potential to be come religious, but ...

>> What sendmail replacement are you using for your Unix (preferably
>> Solaris) machine?  Is it reliable?  Fast (how big are your lists)?
>> Not too hard to configure and use?
> I've had excellent luck with Postfix.  Configuration is always a
> breeze, and performance is quite good.  In terms of Mailman, the
> integration is quite good (in the Mailman 2.1 branch).
> I've also heard good things about exim, but I've never run it myself.
> I used to run qmail (mainly for ezmlm), but I got tired of the
> "non-standard" way it handled things (e.g. .qmail files), switched to
> Postfix, and never looked back.

I'll second the recommendation for Postfix (and I think that Mailman
development is done on Postfix as well).

I use Postfix on small boxes with one user (ie my own), as well as
machines with upwards of 25k users, and on FreeBSD, Linux, and Solaris
8. I'm very happy with its performance, ease of use, flexibility and
ease of installation / Sendmail compatibility. It also has a great (and
helpful) user community.

I'm not a big fan of qmail, although I've used it in the past. See

Exim would also be worth looking into.

Will Yardley
input: william < @ hq . newdream . net . >

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