[Mailman-Users] Problems when installing Mailman with QMAIL

Alberto Cozer acozer at fti.com.br
Tue Oct 22 20:02:45 CEST 2002

Hello folks,

I have recently installed Mailman and Python on a system where QMail was 
already working. I have followed all the 
steps described on the installation documentation, but I am facing some 
problems not covered by those docs.

First of all, after the creation of my list (using the "newlist" command, 
under behalf of user mailman), if i choose an 
e-mail from outside my QMail managed domains for the list admin e-mail, 
the list admin receives no mail telling that 
the list has already been set up. But, if the list administrator e-mail is 
a local e-mail address, the message gets delivered. 

My first guess is that there is something to do with relay configuration, 
but I am not sure what kind of relay access I 
have to set on QMail. Has anyone here ever seen this problem? 

The second problem is related to the list subscribers. No subscribers are 
being able to receive the messages
sent to the list. I guess this problem has something to do with the first 
one, although I am not sure. Looking at the Mailman
post logs I found errors but I haven't found the reason for the error 
anywhere yet, even in my syslog. Does anyone have a guess
on that also? 

Thanks in advance for your help. 


Alberto Cozer
Security Outsource Manager, Future Technologies Digital Security
IBM Certified AIX System Specialist
Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer, CCSE
acozer at fti.com.br
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