[Mailman-Users] duplicate post

sean pambianco delilah at seyyav.pair.com
Fri Oct 25 16:12:00 CEST 2002

> >So then, at any one time there should only be one instance of qrunner
> >running on the server?
> >
> >I constantly see mulitiple copies of qrunner running on the server.
> >Sean
> I'm looking at MM 2.0.13 so things may be different with the 2.0.6 you are
> running but not by much.
> Only one instance of the cron launched qrunner should be extant at any one
> time.
>  From a quick look at the code, that instance may spawn child processes
> although the only case I can see is in the ToUsenet handler.
> It isn't obvious to me that this will lead to Mailman sending out multiple
> copies of a message. Have you been able to observe Mailman doing this in
> your MTA logs?

>From what I can tell, the post is showing up the MTA logs twice but only
once in the Mailman logs.  But reading the MTA logs is like reading
anonther language.


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