[Mailman-Users] I have the same problem with the list not sending mail..but getting confirmations...

Aparajita Fishman aparajita at aparajitaworld.com
Sat Oct 26 21:11:39 CEST 2002

> When a user signs up to the list they get a confirmation of the 
> request, also  administrative emails go through.  But the posts to the 
> lists dont, i've checked the error logs...and i see nothing, there is 
> nothing sitting int he qfiles dir, and the mailman user had its own 
> cronjobs setup.

It gets wierder...my admin account is aparajita at aparajitaworld.com. I 
receive admin messages there no problem. I subscribed under that 
account name and set my personal options to receive a receipt when I 
post. I posted and received a receipt from Mailman, but not the actual 
message. Looking at the bounce log it said it had bounced.



    Victory-Heart Productions
    aparajita at aparajitaworld.com

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