[Mailman-Users] FW: Problems with sending mails to a New list

Fawad Khan FawadKhan at AirgoNetworks.Com
Tue Oct 29 03:44:07 CET 2002

I created a new list without any problems but now when I send a message
to that list it is not getting archived.
When I go to the webserver ad look at the error when trying to go to the
archive page, it tells me that :
File does not exist: /scratch/mailman/install/archives/public/nic-list 
When I go to this directory the file is there and linked to the private
nic-list -> /scratch/mailman/install/archives/private/nic-list
nic-list.mbox -> /scratch/mailman/install/archives/private/nic-list.mbox
But the directory nic-list does not exist plus nic-list.mbox is empty.
After creating the list I did add following lines to /etc/aliases
# nic-list mailing list
## created: 28-Oct-2002 perforce
nic-list:           "|/scratch/mailman/install/mail/wrapper post
nic-list-admin:     "|/scratch/mailman/install/mail/wrapper mailowner
nic-list-request:   "|/scratch/mailman/install/mail/wrapper mailcmd
nic-list-owner:     nic-list-admin
And also ran newaliases command as a root.
Please let me know if anyone knows what I am doing wrong.
Fawad Khan
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