OFFTOPIC Re: [Mailman-Users] Archive URL in postings (2.1b3)

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at
Tue Oct 29 16:13:24 CET 2002

On Tuesday, October 29, 2002, at 05:13  AM, Nigel Metheringham wrote:

> Its either that personalisation has been switched on - which I think is
> in general bad for a general purpose list,

It is. This is a new feature of 2.1, folks. And I disagree strongly 
with Nigel that it's a bad idea. I've been running my lists with 
personalization on for about 10 days now (they got all the pain fixing 
things...), and it's a nice plus. It'll be nicer once Barry adds some 
of the personalization into the footer. Once this is turned on, you can 
do some neat things like pre-load the URL for the listinfo page so it 
takes a user to their info directly, not a generic page where they have 
to figure out what to do.

It's a feature, not a bug.

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