[Mailman-Users] To-munging considered harmful

Bruno Postle bruno at postle.net
Tue Oct 29 18:53:03 CET 2002

On Tue 29-Oct-2002 at 04:55:29PM +0000, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> However I find the addition of my delivery address into the To
> line highly irritating (even more so if I use list specific
> delivery addresses).  I'd far rather only see the list address,
> and any pre-existing additional addresses, in the header To/Cc
> lines.

This is much like Reply-To munging.  I can see situations where it
might be useful, but personally I'd rather receive the message as
the poster sent-it (or as near as possible).  For instance, I've
often redistributed list archives as mbox files; personalised mail
means that they can't be regarded as a definitive 'historical

Ok, I bet I can turn this off as a user, but please don't make it
the default for mailman.

As an aside, I'd prefer that any messages _I_ send to a list arn't
rewritten so as to appear as if I sent them directly to every
recipient.  It gives a very different impression, not something I'd
be happy with in general - Since I'm really _not_ sending mail for
the personal immediate attention of all those people.

> Seeing my own address in a message header raises a mental flag
> that this message was sent to me personally

Agreed, I have no problems filtering this list format (not least
since filtering incoming mail on 'To' is bad practice anyway), but I
do highlight messages with my own address in the headers - Something
that is now (somewhat) messed-up.


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