Problems with personalization (was Re: OFFTOPIC Re: [Mailman-Users]Archive URL in postings (2.1b3))

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at
Tue Oct 29 22:29:39 CET 2002

"Barry A. Warsaw" wrote:

> As for any filters you might have in place, I think Chuq's right, you
> /should/ be filtering on List-ID.  I can sympathize with filters on To
> headers, and my backtracking on this decision will fix that.  I don't
> have much sympathy for filters on Sender headers.  I put Sender
> squarely in the implementation detail corner so I feel like I can
> change that if necessary.  You shouldn't be relying on Sender anyway
> because it's only required if different than the From header.

Well, you can argue this on a philosophical basis, or on an enginerring "best
practice" basis, but in the real world you only have so many things that a user
can filter on. Netscape Mesenger only allows specific pre-configured headers to
be used, and List-ID isn't one of them. To, CC, subject, sender, date, status,
priority, and body. Body, of course, is incredibly slow, so I never use that one.
Eudora adds "Any Header" which would at least allow List-ID to be noticed, but
only in a context in which some string (like "mailman-users") will appear
multiple times.

Maybe I should look again at moving my Messenger Mail to Mozilla, but previous
tests show it is only capable of importing about half of my In box, so I don't
exactly consider that appealing.

In other words, the filtering is going to be done based on the capabilities of
the client. Something that is theoretically better may not be terrible useful.


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