[Mailman-Users] 2.1b3 and making a list moderated?

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Mon Sep 2 11:52:44 CEST 2002

At 19:17 01/09/2002 -0500, Tom Whiting wrote:
>On Sunday 01 September 2002 01:07 pm, Mike D. wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > My server administrator just installed 2.1b3.  There was the option
> > to moderate all postings to a list in the privacy section of the
> > previous version of Mailman, but now I can not locate any such
> > option.  The only thing I can find is the "Emergency moderation of
> > all list traffic" selection at the top of the admin pages.  Is this
> > the only way to have the email list now be moderated, or is there
> > another way I am missing.

You should find what you want by clicking the 'Sender filters' link at the 
top of the 'Privacy options' page of the web GUI for the list.

>I agree 100% here.. This is probably the only problem i've found with beta
>version of mailman, that the moderation has to be chosen on an individual
>basis,or that you can't just define you want a certain list to be read only.
>Here's what I mean;
>You start up X list
>X list is supposed to be a low-traffic announcement list, something for 
>you to
>announce releases, uptime,etc to your customers.
>By default, any customer can post to X list,with no way to change this.
>So, what you're left with is an open list that any customer can post to and
>Not exactly a smart idea.

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