[Mailman-Users] large list questions (15000 users)

Lars Andersson mailman-list at rockar.nu
Mon Sep 2 16:22:57 CEST 2002

I've been using mailman for my private small lists for a while now and I
am very pleased with it. Now it's time to sneek it into my work.

I'm working for a webhosting company and a customer wants me to
implement a list with around 15.000 recipients. The list will be used
for a daily post from the administrator to the recipents, so the traffic
will be fairly limited and controlled. I have a few questions.

1. Can mailman handle such large lists (It will be running on a
dedicated linux box with postfix on the localhost as MTA). Of course
with SCSI, raid, plenty of ram etc.

2. Is there a simple way to limit what the administrator of a list can
change when he is administering a list? For example, I don't want him to
be able to change the max post size for mailinglist.

3. If he uses the web interface to handle his list, does it scale up to
15.000 users?

4. Is there any other problems running such a big list that I should be
aware of before I go ahead and implement the list.

5. User administration.
It would be best for me if the owner of the list could handle
unsubscriptions by sending mail to Mailman (without knowing the password
for the user he wants to unsubscribe). Is this possible or does he need
to use the web interface?  I know you can do a lot of things on the
command line and by using the web interface but this administrator wants
to use mail for this kind of commands. It's also the fastest way when he
has so many users.

Thanks in advance


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