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If your server is wrapping mailman in suexec, 
then, your list admin will not resolve to your own domain name. 
It will look something like:
instead of: http://virtualdomain.net/mailman/admin/list/ 
and http://virtualdomain.net/mailman/listinfo/list-users_virtualdomain.net/  .. 
This is all done because of precautions of plugging any holes for
hackers to access. 
If your server owner does not use suexec, then, one mailman install
should handle all domains lists on their own domain. 

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  * Jens W. Skov - JS Consult <jens at jsconsult.dk> [20020903 18:45]: wrote:
  > Hi
  > To day I run a number of majordomo lists. 
  > They are set up on a server that's not hosting the domains for which it
  > server as listserver. 
  > Fx an address infolist at domain.com  would forward to
  > infolist_domain at mylistserver.com corresponding a list called
  > infolist_domain. Majordomo then sends to the list members as is the list
  > was called infolist at domain.com in a way that you would have to look at
  > the raw headers to see that the real origin is not domain.com.
  > Can this be done with mailman?

  Hello Jens,

  I am also interested in this virtual hosting. Please CC me if you get any

         - wash 

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