[Mailman-Users] stupid mistake?

Mailman mail_man at frybread.stuorg.iastate.edu
Tue Sep 3 18:41:59 CEST 2002


Believe it or not, I am having trouble building mailman.  I have done it
in the past with a previous version on a different machine.  I made a
detailed log describing my individual steps.

FreeBSD 4.6
Postfix 1.1.11
Mailman 2.0.13

Step 1:  Unpacked tar in /root/mailman-2.0.13/

Step 2:  Added line in /etc/group/

Step 3:  Added line in /etc/passwd
mailman:*:1002:1002:GNU Mailman:/home/mailman:/nonexistent

Step 4:  Added line in /etc/master.passwd
mailman:*:1002:1002::0:0:GNU Mailman:/home/mailman:/nonexistent

Step 5:  Decided that $prefix shall be /usr/local/mailman/

Step 6:  Executed in csh,
#mkdir /usr/local/mailman/

Step 7:  Executed in csh,
#chown mailman:mailman /usr/local/mailman/

Step 8:  Verified Step 7

Step 9:  Executed in csh,
#cd /usr/local/mailman/

Step 10:  Executed in csh,
#chgrp mailman .

Step 11:  Executed in csh,
#chmod a+rs,g+ws .

Step 12:  Executed in csh,
#set MAILHOST=frybread.stuorg.iastate.edu

Step 13:  Executed in csh,
#set WWWHOST=www.frybread.stuorg.iastate.edu

Step 14:  Executed in csh,
export: Command not found.

Step 15:  Executed in csh,
# /root/mailman-2.0.13/configure --prefix=/usr/local/mailman/
--with-mail-gid=postfix --with-cgi-gid=nobody

Step 16:  Returned data from configure:
checking for default fully qualified host name... frybread.stuorg.iastate.edu
checking for default URL host component... frybread.stuorg.iastate.edu

The big question:  It doesn't seem to have listened to MAILHOST and
WWWHOST from steps 12-14.

Step 17:  Executed in csh,
#cd /root/mailman-2.0.13/

Step 18:  Executed in csh,
#make install
make: don't know how to make install. Stop

Step 19:  Assuming Line 102 in INSTALL is wrong or misplaced.  I will try
'make' first and then 'make install'

Step 20:  Executed in csh,
make: no target to make.

Step 21:  Give up on install...


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