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It is my understanding, that either; suexec is enabled or it's not enabled
on the entire server.  There isn't a way that I am aware of to "pick &
choose" suexec or not. It would be up to the server owner whether
suexec is enabled or not; and unfortunately, for those small businesses
that resell hosting, or otherwise use shared hosting, our hands are
tied, so to speak. Server owners want to protect the server, naturally,
and with that, comes sacrifice of running one install of mailman 
for multiple domains. I suppose, it would be feasable to install an
itineration of mailman, in each virtual domain, which would then
sacrifice space, and make upgrading a chore. So, no easy answer,
unless Barry comes up with a workaround. 

If I'm off the base, here, maybe someone can enlighten me. I would love
to have a solution, since, I don't yet host enough sites to warrant a
dedicated server, but also, when I do grow and begin having resellers
sharing MY server, I would be nice to have a solution, without compromising
the security of the server. 

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  * hotmail user <thomasdye56 at hotmail.com> [20020903 19:19]: wrote:
  > If your server is wrapping mailman in suexec, 
  > http://httpd.apache.org/docs/suexec.html 
  > then, your list admin will not resolve to your own domain name. 
  > It will look something like:
  > http://ourserver.com/mailman/admin/list_virtualdomain.net 
  > instead of: http://virtualdomain.net/mailman/admin/list/ 
  > and http://virtualdomain.net/mailman/listinfo/list-users_virtualdomain.net/  .. 
  > This is all done because of precautions of plugging any holes for
  > hackers to access. 
  > If your server owner does not use suexec, then, one mailman install
  > should handle all domains lists on their own domain. 

  Hello Tom,

  Do you have a short HOWTO on this option that doesn't use suexec?

         - wash 

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