[Mailman-Users] Error messages going to entire list

jdesalle jdesalle at primacentral.org
Wed Sep 4 19:32:25 CEST 2002

Mailman-2.1b3 running on RH 7.2

I have "DELIVERY ERROR:" and " MAILER-DEAMON" messages going to the 
entire list.

I assume there is a way to only send these to the mailowner. The bounces 
are easy to fix but the  the Error messages shouldn't go to the list.
The other problem is The clients that have an out of the office message. 
These are looping to the list also and is driving the kind "BRUTAL" list 
users nut's.
I must be missing this in the FAQ's or docs. Any help or direction to 
info I am missing would
be much appreciated.


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