[Mailman-Users] MailCommandHandler.py errors

Michael Pike mpike at nnmcmed.ihs.gov
Thu Sep 5 01:38:10 CEST 2002

I tried using configure with specifying /usr/bin/python2 as the 
interpreter.... no luck...

so, I just copied python2 over python, and now it works... who knows 
what else it will screw up... but mailman is more important to me than 
whatever the hell python was doing before.... i backed up the old 
python to pythonoriginal in /usr/bin... so now /usr/bin/python is a 
copy of /usr/bin/python2 and it's fine.

let me know if I am an idiot.

> Michael Pike wrote:
> > I have Python2-2.2-16 (default rh73 install) and still getting the
> > errors.... what is a good version to downgrade too?
>     A default RH7.3 install will have python installed, and only if 
> selected it, python2.  By your message it looks like you have 
python2 installed,
> however python will still be on the system (many other rpm's rely on 
python, rpm
> being one of them), so Mailman is using that, not python2.  Tell the 
> script that you want to use python2 instead (read ./configure --help)
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