[Mailman-Users] Is one-way possible?

Tom Whiting wolf at wolfstream.net
Thu Sep 5 17:50:40 CEST 2002

This is the answer I got for the very same question the other day. Granted, 
it's complicated as hell (believe me, I know), but it shows that it can be 

>>>>> "TW" == Tom Whiting <wolf at wolfstream.net> writes:

    TW> Here's what I mean; You start up X list X list is supposed to
    TW> be a low-traffic announcement list, something for you to
    TW> announce releases, uptime,etc to your customers.  By default,
    TW> any customer can post to X list,with no way to change this.
    TW> So, what you're left with is an open list that any customer
    TW> can post to and spam.

What you want to do is go to the Membership Management page, the
Membership List subpage.

Scroll down to where you see "# Set everyone's moderation bit,
including those members not currently visible".  Select "On" and click
on "Set".

All your members will have their moderation flag turned on, and now
you can decide what happens when a moderated member posts to the list.
Go to Privacy Options -> Sender Filter to select this.

For an announce-only list, you might want to set
member_moderation_action to "Reject", and include a rejection notice

    "This is an announce-only list.  Members are not allowed to post
    to the list.  Please contact the list owner at
    mylist-owner at example.com for further assistance."

So now your members will get automatic rejections if they post to the
list (you might want to set up something similar for non-members).

There are a few ways you can set up folks as approved posters to the

- if they are members, turn off their moderation flag

- if they are non-members, add them to the accept_these_nonmembers

- give them the list password and let them post their messages with an
  "Approved: password" header.

On Thursday 05 September 2002 07:56 am, Alexander Czernay wrote:
> This has probably been discussed before, but I couldn't find an answer
> in the FAQs, so...
> I'd like to generate an announce-only list, that means a list where only
> one person (the owner) can post and the others only get the mail, but
> can't post to the list, but only back to the owner. Is that possible?
> Alexander

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