[Mailman-Users] SMTPDirect.py using sleep command

Kyle Rhorer rhorer at swbell.net
Fri Sep 6 00:45:37 CEST 2002

On Thursday 05 September 2002 17:12, Kory Wheatley wrote:
> What I have done to maybe slow down the delivery  to sendmail  that
> creates the queue files then delivers them to our mail server is  in
> the Mailman SMTPDirect.py I have used the sleep command to sleep
> after delivering  so that our mail server can catch up before the
> next batch is delivered, this way its not being bombarded.

It seems to me like the right way to handle your situation would be to 
adjust the QueueLA and RefuseLA parameters on the HP/UX box's sendmail.  
That way you fix the situation no matter what the source of the 
bombardment is, as opposed to just fixing it from your Mailman server.

>From /etc/sendmail.cf on a generic system:
# load average at which we just queue messages
O QueueLA=8
# load average at which we refuse connections
O RefuseLA=12

Just change QueueLA to, say, 1 and RefuseLA to, say, 2 or 3.  Once the 
load average drops back below the threshold, sendmail will start 
accepting/delivering mail as appropriate.

Just a thought.

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