[Mailman-Users] Question:

Rajib A. Momen Elrond at BostonComputing.net
Fri Sep 6 08:17:33 CEST 2002

Hi there,
I was curious if there is a way to bypass the email confirmation of a
subscription. It seems kind of redundant to sign up on a web site, enter
a password, and then have to reply to a message to confirm, since you
just signed up! Is this possible? Secondly, I was wondering if it was
possible to set a list so that you could unsubscribe from it by email
without inputting the password. For example, if I wanted the bottom of
all my messages to have a link or very, very simple instructions on how
to unsubscribe, how would I go about doing this? Currently it seems that
the user MUST input his/her password. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks!
Best regards,
Rajib Momen
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