[Mailman-Users] Qmail, FreeBSD problems?

John Wards j.wards at sportnetwork.net
Wed Sep 11 17:52:54 CEST 2002


I am new to Mailman and began playing with is a few hours ago....I am using
qmail and FreeBSD

I am running qmail and have set up my system using the qmail-to-mailman.py
way. I have done all the customization that is mentioned in the README files
like the CNAME changes etc.

I cannot seem to be able to subscribe or send messages to my test list.

I send them to test at lists.sportnetwork.net and the log file says every thing
is fine but nothing happens at the list end (I manually added my email to
the list). Also responding replying to set up a new subscripton doesnt work
(my work mate tryied with another email address). Again no error messages.

I have tested the settings by emailing dummy at lists.sportnetwork.net and I
get the bounce message from qmail-to-mailman.py.

Any clues at where to look? I am most confuzed.........

John Wards

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