[Mailman-Users] Re: Qmail, FreeBSD problems?

John Wards j.wards at sportnetwork.net
Wed Sep 11 18:16:22 CEST 2002

Also I have emailed mailman-owner at lists.sportnetwork.net and that comes
through to me no bother.

I have checked my cron jobs and they are fine and correct.....


> Hi,
> I am new to Mailman and began playing with is a few hours ago....I am
> qmail and FreeBSD
> I am running qmail and have set up my system using the qmail-to-mailman.py
> way. I have done all the customization that is mentioned in the README
> like the CNAME changes etc.
> I cannot seem to be able to subscribe or send messages to my test list.
> I send them to test at lists.sportnetwork.net and the log file says every
> is fine but nothing happens at the list end (I manually added my email to
> the list). Also responding replying to set up a new subscripton doesnt
> (my work mate tryied with another email address). Again no error messages.
> I have tested the settings by emailing dummy at lists.sportnetwork.net and I
> get the bounce message from qmail-to-mailman.py.
> Any clues at where to look? I am most confuzed.........
> Cheers
> John Wards
> SportNetwork.net

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