[Mailman-Users] How do you edit a moderated message?

Garey Mills gmills at library.berkeley.edu
Fri Sep 13 17:16:22 CEST 2002

Barry -

	Thanks for the response. Which mail reader do you use?

Garey Mills

On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> >>>>> "GM" == Garey Mills <gmills at library.berkeley.edu> writes:
>     GM> 	Using both pine and the Unix mail program, if I
>     GM> respond to the moderation message, the text of the message
>     GM> held for moderation is not included in the reply; likewise, if
>     GM> I forward the message to myself from the moderation webpage,
>     GM> and then try to reply to it or forward it, the mailer does not
>     GM> include the original message in the new message, so I can't
>     GM> edit the text. If I compose a new message and then cut and
>     GM> paste the original message into the new message, the resulting
>     GM> message shows up in the list as coming from me (not to mention
>     GM> the fact that the 'Approved:' header is not used or needed as
>     GM> described in the instructions).
>     GM> 	Would someone care to clear this up for me? I manage a
>     GM> site with multiple lists; most moderated by relatively
>     GM> unsophisticated users, and they are depending on me to
>     GM> instruct them in how to moderate. If I can't figure it out, I
>     GM> can't help them.
> Here's what I do.  I admit that it's somewhat awkward.
> First, I forward the held message to myself via the -owner address.
> When the message shows up in my inbox, it's in a MIME encapsulation,
> meaning the message I got was a message/rfc822 container with the
> entire held message as a subpart.
> My mail reader has a command called "bursting" which basically takes a
> message/rfc822 or multipart/digest message and gives me a folder view
> of all the contained messages.  In this case, I burst the
> message/rfc822 into a folder containing one message -- the forwarded
> hold.
> Now, my mail reader has another command called "resend" which
> basically copies the original message unchanged into a composition
> window, adding a Resent-To header.  This is a mail trick to resend a
> message preserving as much of the original headers as possible.
> So in this window I edit the contents of the message to my admin's
> heart's content, set the Resent-To header back to the list, and then
> add an Approved header with the list password.  When I hit send, this
> message goes to the list without being held.  Viola!  (or more
> preferrably Contrabasso! :).
> I usually don't discard the original held message until I'm sure my
> approved resend has gone through the list.
> HTH,
> -Barry

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