[Mailman-Users] Can I use two separate servers for Mailman and mail

LuKreme kremels at kreme.com
Sat Sep 14 20:55:52 CEST 2002

On Saturday, Sep 14, 2002, at 00:26 Canada/Mountain, Mark Hanze wrote:
> 	I have mailman-2.0.12 running on a SuSE 8.0 Pro Stand alone box
> behind a firewall nat'ed for port 80 so we can serve apache. The smtp
> server successfully sends mail out to subscribers. Problem is when they
> reply to confirm, our domain,  school.k12.ny.us is mx'ed to a different
> server running SuSE eMail Server3.1 using postfix of course (also 
> behind
> our firewall nat'ed with needed ports) Can I use two separate servers
> for Mailman and mail?

Sure.  I do.  My oustides server (kreme.com) receives all the mail.  I 
use fetchmail to get mail from the server and then process it to 
mailman.  Then mailman send it out to the world from my dyndns domain 

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