[Mailman-Users] Try Again

Victoriano Giralt vic at vgg.sci.uma.es
Sun Sep 15 02:57:12 CEST 2002

> On Saturday 14 September 2002 05:04 am, Mel Sojka wrote:
>> Well let me post this differently. I checked the FAQ and found
>> nothing. I have MM 2.0.13 installed on the webserver for a client here
>> and would like to use the MTA (Sendmail) on the mail server which is a
>> different box. Sendmail version is 8.12.4. How can I accomplish this.
>> 							Mel
I'm not absolutely sure it can be done in 2.0.13 (I went the 2.1 from
heavily customized 1.6 and 2.0.1). Check $prefix/Mailman/Defaults.py forDELIVERY_MODULE, and, if it exists, set it to SMTPDirect in mm_cfg.py,
together with SMTPHOST, which you set to the sendmail machine. That is for
outgoing mail, for incomming mail, I'm affraid you need a local MTA to
receive the posts into Mailman.
Victoriano Giralt
Systems Manager
Central Computing Facility
University of Malaga

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