[Mailman-Users] Can Mailman properly archive html posts

Jim Holsworth jimhols at bigfoot.com
Fri Sep 13 00:03:47 CEST 2002


I am just trying Mailman and like it very much.

But when I post with a html message, everyone on the list gets an html
message that looks good. However, I'm having 2 problems

1. The information that accompanies non html email
	The header and footer with a link to the mailing list
is not transmitted in the html deliveries to list members.
I've looked at the source for these html messages ( I use Outlook) and the
info is not there. Of course, this could be the fault of Outlook.

2. The web archive shows the html messages, but it is a dump of plain text
and text wht html markup. actual html is not properly displayed.

I'm hoping I've just missed some documentation and can make this work.

Eagerly awaiting your help


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