Subject: [Mailman-Users] Can I use two separate servers for Mailman and mail

Thomas R. Speight Thomas at
Sat Sep 14 18:50:50 CEST 2002


The straight forward answer is yes!  I run Mailman and my server and send 
my Mailman mail to another server (not mine) using Exim even though I also 
run sendmail on my server for all mail other than my Mailman lists.

In the Mailman directory find the file, then change or add the line

You are on your own from here!  You have to set permissions to allow your 
mail on that server


Well let me post this differently. I checked the FAQ and found nothing.
I have MM 2.0.13 installed on the webserver for a client here and would
like to use the MTA (Sendmail) on the mail server which is a different
box. Sendmail version is 8.12.4. How can I accomplish this.

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