[Mailman-Users] some users not getting posted email message

Jaswinder S. Hayre jas at nysia.org
Wed Sep 18 19:09:40 CEST 2002

Thanks for responding, I am feeling a bit clueless as to where things are
going wrong, or which application is dropping the ball.  I am running qmail,
and Mailman 2.0.12.  I do not have any spam filtering in place (we have
found, that a human being is the best filter).

The members that do not receive the mails, are not in any of the Mailman log
files; not the bounce files, nothing in the error file.  I think Mailman
does not explicitly log a list of all the email addresses that it sent the
post to, or at least I haven't been able to find that.  Am I correct in
thinking that?

The MTA log files did not log any delivery attempts to these email addresses

This setup is running on a FreeBSD system.


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What do the logs say (both MTA and Mailman)?

What happens if you are at the command line as mailman and you send mail
to a local user:
  echo Test | mail -s "test of local mail delivery" tom at nysia.org

Do you have any spam filtering in place on the server?

You should tell us your MTA and the version of Mailman that you are

On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 14:36, Jaswinder S. Hayre wrote:
> Guys,
> For some reason some members don't get the posted email.  Our list server
> lists.nysia.org, but anyone that is registered with a *@nysia.org email
> address does not get any emails from the list server.  There might be more
> people, but I haven't identified (no one has complained that they aren't
> getting it).  Any clue about what might be happening.  I believe this only
> happens for one of the lists.  The list has about 5000 members.
> Jas
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