[Mailman-Users] Blocking Unsubscribe?

Peter Tattersall ptatters at zerobyzero.ca
Thu Sep 19 00:55:47 CEST 2002

I inadvertently ran into another approach to blocking unsubscription.

I recently added subscribers using a dump from a database list which I 
manually edited to remove some extraneous characters. I didn't look 
hard enough: there were a couple of null (and therefore invisible) 
characters at the end of some of the names. Mail went out successfully, 
and it wasn't until someone tried to turn delivery off while they went 
on vacation that I found there was a problem. The password note told 
them to access their info pages at
http://myqualifiedname/mailman/options/listname/user@address.com%00 but 
all that got them was an error message.

The address looked fine on my member management page, but any attempt 
by the user to reach the info page was rejected. Removing the %00 
didn't work - it just resulted in a different error. I didn't try 
email, but I doubt it would have worked either. I had to manually 
cancel the subscriptions for several users and re-subscribe them - 
there was no way they could do it themselves.

On Wednesday, September 18, 2002, at 05:58  PM, Moz wrote:

> Nathan wrote:
> As far as I know, you can unsubscribe by: sending email to
> <list>-unsubscribe at ... or by using the web form. A little judicious
> editing of the user HTML page (via the admin interface) would remove
> both the unsubscribe and nomail options (but them smart users can
> still create requests that use those options). Changing the
> ~alias/.<list>-unsubscribe file so it is empty will stop that from
> having any effect.

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