[Mailman-Users] Digests: "From" address and topics

Nick Arnett narnett at mccmedia.com
Fri Sep 20 00:50:47 CEST 2002

I'm using Mailman 2.1b2 and digests are going out with a "From" header with
the -request address, rather than the list address.  I found a closed bug
for this
d=103) that says it was to be fixed in Mailman 2... but apparently it hasn't
been.  Does this need to be re-opened?

Second problem with digests -- topic restrictions don't seem to affect the
digest.  Users who only want to receive one topic in the digest are
receiving everything.  My test setup is to select one topic, then set "Do
you want to receive message that do not match any topic filter?" to "No."  I
can't find a bug on that one.  Does this need to be filed?  (A topic of
"Brin:" shouldn't match every message in a list whose name is "Brin-L",
should it ("[Brin-L]" appears in the subject line)?  The colon doesn't have
any special meaning in Python's re, does it?

Any suggested fixes for these in the meantime?  I'm happy to muck about in
the source, given a pointer or two as to where to go.  I've only explored it
a bit so far.

I'm trying to make it easy for a friend to participate in a high-traffic
list without having to read everything, and only receive one digest a day,
but it really isn't working well -- very frustrating.  (The friend is David
Brin, the writer and futurist, who doesn't have a lot of time to muddle
through this mess.)

Nick Arnett
Phone/fax: (408) 904-7198
narnett at mccmedia.com

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