[Mailman-Users] RE: [Mailman-Users] Stopping PGP signatures

John Jones johnj at ActiveState.com
Fri Sep 20 18:48:46 CEST 2002

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> >> Is the a way to strip PGP signatures from messages?  Will Mime
> >> stripping
> >> software take care of this as well?

> > I don't think you want this.
> > So why do you want to stripoff privacy things?

> PGP is a good thing.

Okay, lets put this another way, then:

How does one strip MS Office vcard attachments that salespeople and others
tend to attach to -every- email as an attachment of 15kb-45kb?  You know,
the thing that has very little in it except for an 'attachment signature'
and contact information?  Who uses those things, anyway? ;)

I think the intent here is not to strip people of privacy, but to remove
unwanted extra pump traffic from your mailman/mail server.


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