[Mailman-Users] An idea, what do you guys think??

Harold Paulson haroldp at sierraweb.com
Fri Sep 20 20:00:26 CEST 2002


Actually, Mailman tends to work pretty solidly for sending out 
emails.  It all likelihood, it will be faster than your net 
connection can handle.  Mailman should be able to pass all of it's 
messages off to Postfix in a reasonable amount of time.  Then Postfix 
will spend a few hours delivering the emails to the right places.

You may run in problems when a thousand subscribers can't remember 
ever signing up for your list, and all decide to unsubscribe at the 
same time.  You are likely to get a situation where 10 different 
Apache processes and the Mailman queue_runner processing bounces, are 
all trying to get exclusive access to one huge userlist.

This will all be exacerbated Postfix, Mailman and Apache all fighting 
for a share of the limited bandwidth.

	- H

At 6:11 PM +0100 9/20/02, Angel Gabriel wrote:
>Okay, I'm sorry i've posted so much to the list recently, please forgive
>me!! After some research, it's has been decidede that postfix is the best
>MTA, as in it has great security, and it has been recommended on quite a few
>webpages. Problem is, i'm not going to change everything over now. I'll do
>that in a few days time.
>I've decided that I'm going to use a seperate application to send my mail,
>and make it look like mailman sent it, so that any bouncing mail would be
>recieved by my mailman box. If I've missed anything crucial, feel free to
>make me feel like an idiot!!


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