[Mailman-Users] Subscription options help

Philip Reynolds philip.reynolds at rfc-networks.ie
Fri Sep 20 22:53:22 CEST 2002

Dan Wilder <dan at ssc.com> 79 lines of wisdom included:
> > > Do you know how easy it is to spoof email?  That's the valid reason
> > > Mailman requires a password even when unsubscribing via email.
> No it isn't.  
> Do you know how easy it is to kick down the door of a house and steal
> the stereo?   That's not valid reason in and of itself for all of us
> to install ten-foot cyclone fences with razor wire.

Ridiculous analogy, your sample case is illegal, unsubscribing
someone from a mailing list is an annoyance. 

Plenty of people prefer to be an annoyance to others, however not at
the expense of their own selfish needs (i.e. they don't want to pay
a fine after it, or go to jail, or be charged or whatever). 

It will not take a genius to realise that it's very easy to
unsubscribe and once someone on the list realises you can fake mail
headers quite easily, there's a possibility you'll have anarchy.

Stop this in the first place, and INFORM your users.

Instead of pointing them to the mailman unsubscribe page, point them
to a custom made page of your design, which explains exactly what
you want to tell them (how to get their password, and *then*
unsubscribe etc. etc.)

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