[Mailman-Users] relocating archives

Chris Lawson clawson at jungle.ca
Mon Sep 23 02:25:04 CEST 2002


I've recently moved my mailman from a compiled install to a RedHat rpm.

I kept all my lists and copied them to their new home, and all seems to 
work well, but for the following:

List ovac has a bogus archive_directory: /home/mailman/archives/private/ovac
List test has a bogus archive_directory: /home/mailman/archives/private/test

...I can't find where in the config files or the list configuration where 
you let mailman know where to find the archives.

I'm sure this is a no brainer for people who know what they're doing. I 
hope someone will take the trouble to help me out here.


Chris Lawson
clawson at jungle.ca

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