[Mailman-Users] Not Sure If These Made It Out...

Jim Hale jim-ml at halemail.dyndns.org
Tue Sep 24 14:23:28 CEST 2002

I never got copies back so I apologize if these questions come across
twice. :)

1) I just reinstalled Mailman 2.1b3, but this time on an SME Server (not
that I think it makes any difference) and on the page that shows the
available lists, there's the line 'Send questions or comments to
mailman at halemail.dyndns.org.' - Where can I change that address? I
haven't done this in a while and it escapes me where this address is.

2) I created a Mailing List called 'Soundfonts' and when a message is
sent to the list, it comes to the other people as:

soundfonts-bounces at halemail.dyndns.org on behalf of Jim
[jim-ml at halemail.dyndns.org]

Is there a way to take off the Email of the person that sent the message
to the list and also to remove the -bounces? I just think it would be
cleaner if it just had soundfonts at halemail.dyndns.org in the from
instead of all the other stuff.

Jim Hale
'The OS Tells The PC What To Do With Itself" - Me, 1990
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