[Mailman-Users] hi resource usage

Roelf mailman-users at imc.nl
Wed Sep 25 10:35:07 CEST 2002


What I noticed is that I stopped archiving the biggest list that we
have. It received 200-250 e-mail during 8 working hours. Now the system
resources seem to be normal.

Surely the archiving should be able to handle this??


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* Joseph Okech <jokech at ke.uu.net> [20020924 15:16]: wrote:
> Im experiencing this problem too, I have about  12 lists and this
> perfectly, but whe I add my other lists, Python takes up about 70% cpu
> but this is a very critical box.
> Im running 2.0.13 on FreeBSD 4.5

First, IMHO, there is no comparison between 2.0.13 and 2.1b3 - the later
runs as a
daemon, the former doesn't, but one question beckons:

At what point do you TWO notice these CPU Usage stats?

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