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Wed Sep 25 19:07:52 CEST 2002

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, J. Alec West wrote:

> I'm considering switching to a webhost that allows Mailman use and had
> one simple question.  Can Mailman be set up to be used as a newsletter
> ... that is sent to a number of subscribers in such a way that
> subscribers cannot "reply" to the subscriber-list?

Setting up "one-way" lists must be the most popular question on this
list ...

To make a list announce-only, go to "Privacy Options" and set 'Restrict
posting privilege to list members?' to "No" -AND- add only yourself to the
next field, 'Addresses of members accepted for posting to this list ...'

(Note that the subscribers can always -attempt- to reply to the list;
there is nothing you can do to stop that; even if you set the Reply-To
header, folks can construct a new message any way they want.  But,
their attempts to post will be thwarted.)

See also:


That FAQ is a great resource; see:


- Andrew

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