[Mailman-Users] Help with migration majordomo, mhonarc, lyris, smartlist to Mailman

From the Desk Of ... dkap at atg.com
Wed Sep 25 20:50:47 CEST 2002


I have a bunch of majordomo lists, who's archives are stored by mhonarc 
that I need to migrate to Mailman.  I've poured through the archives, 
and google looking for what should be a fairly simple python script (I 
believe) but, being that I don't program in python (as to yet) I have 
yet to find one.  Being that there are things like owners, and passwords 
to be maintained between them, and things like open or closed to the 
world and the like.  I'd rather not have to do them all by hand, and 
yet, there isn't that in the archives that I can find that will assist 
me in this, nor a section of contrib files or the like on the Mailman 
web page.  One would think that, being that Mailman is, indeed, the 
list-manager of choice, there would be tools to take all the other types 
of list managers and convert them to the Mailman format ...

Also I have a bunch of lyris lists, with their attached archives that I 
want to move to Mailman.  This looks more complex.  Lyris guards it's 
information most well.

The smartlist lists are only difficult for they are on a virtual-hosted 
machine, and I have to pick out the pieces most carefully, and convert 
that way.


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