[Mailman-Users] .htaccess

Odhiambo Washington wash at wananchi.com
Thu Sep 26 06:50:51 CEST 2002

* Daz <daz at postmark.net> [20020926 06:24]: wrote:
> Hi
> I am thinking of putting some sort of security on the Mailman 
> archives to stop harvesting of email addresses etc.
> I have set up a .htaccess file at the same level as the index.html 
> page of the archives (/archives/public/nameoflist/) but this does not 
> seem to work.
> Has anybody else set this up successfully? Am I using hte correct directory?

Why don't you just make the archives Private, with only list members allowed

Anyway, while I haven't tried it, have you done something like this in httpd.conf:

<Directory /archives/public/nameoflist/>
  Order allow,deny
  AllowOverride None AuthConfig
  AuthType Basic 
  AuthName "Mailman _nameoflist_ Archives"
  AuthUserFile  /path/to/some/file/with/passwords
  require valid-user

I am wondering how you will manage the passwd file though....

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