[Mailman-Users] MM & Mac OS X ?

Greg Westin greg at gregwestin.com
Mon Sep 30 06:53:40 CEST 2002

The only real stumbling block I found to setting up Mailman with 
Postfix on OS X client was making sure to run the install as the 
mailman user.  I don't know anything about OS X Server's configuration, 
nor about using Mailman with sendmail or qmail or anything.  I am going 
to sit down with a clean system this week, though, and figure out just 
what you need to do to install Mailman properly on OS X (Client), and I 
will be posting the instructions online.  I will post the link to this 
mailing list when I finish.


On Sunday, September 29, 2002, at 08:23  PM, Brent Rossow wrote:

> I searched the archives for the past several months and found very 
> little
> mention of anyone running Mailman on Mac OS X.
> [...]
> Long story short, I'm running Mac OSXS 10.2 on a development machine.
> [...]
> If anyone has successfully installed MM on Mac OS X, I'd love to get 
> some
> pointers.  Majordomo is working adequately, but I'd like my listserv 
> package
> to be more than just "adequate."  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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