[Mailman-Users] Virus Scanning

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Mon Sep 30 21:37:32 CEST 2002

I simply put a 40,000 character limit on message size. It eliminates every virus
I'm aware of, and also blocks someone from accidentally replying to a message
and helpfully including some monster file with the answer. (I used to see that
on one list, discussing an illustration program, where one helpful person would
offer to look at the problem file and the original user would then attach an 8MB
map to the whole list.)

Virus scanners are an option, but they cost money. I run Mailman on a dedicated
machine and run Kaspersky on my main mail machine.


Angel Gabriel wrote:

> I am currently very pissed off. Okay, so it doesn't show via email, but I
> have just lost my virtual domains due to exxess mail messages being sent to
> people's mail boxes. Don't worry, this is NOT the fault of mail man. But the
> fault of some bastard virus, which is on some, maybe even all of my
> machines. I have no idea how, but about 150 emails got sent to my mailing
> list... which has in excess of 100k members, and is supposed to be used for
> occasional, and I mean OCCASIONAL mailouts.... so you can imagine how pissed
> people where when they got 'mailbombed'. Apart from being extremly
> embarrased, I'd like to protect my network from this type of embarrasment,
> the virus came as an email attachemnt, which slipped through the local virus
> scanners, and it takes just one idiot, that's right ONE, to release mayham
> on the world. I have no idea how many copies of the virus was sent out, but
> it had to be a LOT. What I would like to do, is to kill them at the source
> or distribution, ie, sendmail. How can I add virus protection to my email
> gateway, to stop them getting in, AND out?
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