[Mailman-Users] Posts are bypassing moderator

John Sullivan sully at fcsn.org
Thu Apr 3 18:42:41 CEST 2003

I installed Mailman 2.0.13 in November 2002. Set up a list and it works

Last week I attempted to setup another list and ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE! First
the newlist command would not work. Our ISP tech support ,NTT/Verio,
reconfigured and "rehashed" the program and said try again. I did and still I'm
having a problem.

The end result is, I have a new list which exactly mirrors the "good" list setup
in November, yet when posting a message, the message goes out to the list and
does not stop at the moderator for approval. 

Verio has spent hours on this reconfiguring all kinds of email accounts,
aliases, etc and finally told me this morning that they don’t' support Mailman
anyway so they can no longer help. I only know a few commands necessary to run
this program through the Unix server and I prefer to manage using the web
interface when possible.

One thought I did have was to re-install Mailman on the server and start over
but I do not want to affect the one "good" list that works great. Can I
re-install without causing more trouble?

Something? Anything?

John F. Sullivan
Coordinator of Technology Services
Federation for Children with Special Needs
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Boston, MA 02120
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sully at fcsn.org 

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